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Case Study: Dassault Systemes

TopBrewer enjoyed catching up with Daniel Walton, Perth based Real-Estate Senior Manager at global technology design company Dassault Systemes, for South-East Asia to see how the TopBrewer has worked for their business.

23.04.2021 Uncategorised

Dassault Systèmes is an innovative technology and software company, providing business and people with virtual universes to imagine sustainable innovations capable of harmonizing product, nature and life.  As a global sustainability leader, 3DS works across multiple sectors in the region including resources, defence, cities and manufacturing.

DASSAULT at a snapshot

In their words:

  • Like many organisations, we have shifted our priorities at Dassault. We are innovating to meet the many workplace challenges of Covid-19.
  • High on our agenda is re-building a strong, resilient and sustainable culture at Dassault’s Perth office.
  • Strong connections and collaboration across our diverse team will be a key indicator of culture for us.
  • Our immediate challenge is simple – we need to engage with our staff providing facilities and services to attract them back to the office.

Dassault recently completed a workspace refurbishment to improve functionality at the Perth office coinciding with staff returning to work. With a medium sized team of 60 in Perth they are not yet back to full capacity.

Daniel knows how much his team values a great cup of coffee and decided to reward them with an enhanced ‘coffee at work’ experience. As an architect, the TopBrewer aesthetic held instant appeal and he knew the Dassault team of largely software engineers would be naturally curious.  The team immediately engaged with its impressive technology and design.

TopBrewer subscription is the perfect solution

  • The compact TopBrewer tap with iPad controls takes up very little bench space in Dassault’s staff kitchen. The sleek, hands-off design and smooth coffee delivery offers a pristine alternative, in a professional corporate office, to the size, noise and upkeep of traditional coffee machines.
  • The TopBrewer subscription model is the perfect price point for businesses like Dassault with a smaller to medium workforce. They want the best of both worlds – access to the most innovative coffee experience with a refined coffee taste – previously only available to larger organisations.
  • The flexibility of the TopBrewer subscription is also very appealing to Dassault. The price, convenience and ability to scale delivery to the number of employees is so straightforward, payment is monthly and you can cancel the contract at any time.
  • The CoffeeCloud technology is a revelation for office and facility managers – providing useful real time data and analysis of coffee consumption and employee preferences.
  • Smart, responsive and independent, the TopBrewer completely removes the administrative load for office managers, taking care of itself and also your coffee consumption – summonsing any assistance it requires for delivery of beans, cleaning or service.

Like many businesses, Dassault is keen to innovate to meet the current challenges of sustaining a positive workplace culture and support staff that are tentative about returning to an office environment.

But for smaller workplaces this also means being balanced and realistic about benefits and cost.

That’s where the TopBrewer subscription model has delivered. It has brought a high end coffee experience to the Dassault workplace, naturally engaging staff with its harmonious and innovative technology –  whilst offering a streamlined and intuitive service.